Our Family Room (remodel not yet completed)

The brick is finally completed and will be painted white in two days! 
We've been in our house since 2003 and finally decided to remodel. This is our family room which used to be cluttered with furniture, curtains and bamboo shades that blocked out the hot, burning, Arizona sun.  We've since decided to go for a less cluttered look, get rid of the curtains and bamboo shades, and go with a completely different look!

The white walls were painted a dolphin fin shade, bricks were installed wrapping around the family room, chandelier installed, custom turquoise-painted French doors, and a wooden top to cover our fireplace mantel. We decided to go with brick painted white, which will be done on Thursday!

We also had electronic retractable sun screens on the exterior of our windows for use during peak sun hours!  We're so happy with this decision, as our windows have been covered all these years, keeping us from admiring the beauty of the mountainside!

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