Sneak Peek

Craig and I have been busy with work, Kai, and home improvement projects!  Here are just a few before and after sneak peek pictures! =-)  We're still looking for that perfect back splash and holding off for now on any new appliances.

After/ Sneak Peek*(Kitchen island)
After/ Sneak peek of step stool

Before (click to enlarge)

Before/ my brown step stool


October 2012

Just my "To-Do List" and some pictures from this past month, that I thought I'd share.  My husband and I have been working on our kitchen- forever- which will still be a work in progress for the next month, or so.

Kai wanted to be a clock instead of an electrical outlet for his school's Halloween parade =-)

Back from church

Hippotherapy with Apple Jack

Love this cabinet in our kitchen!

Painting the kitchen pantry cabinets on a Saturday evening

Before picture of our brown kitchen cabinets

Kitchen is still a work in progress... finally getting my white cabinets!!  =-)

Kitchen pantry/work in progress...